Turns Out Peacock Had A Sneaky Little Plan To Steal ‘Yellowstone’ Viewers From CBS

Written By

Dara Singh

Peacock’s Plan: Peacock, the NBC-owned streaming service, had a plan to steal ‘Yellowstone’ viewers from CBS.

CBS started airing episodes of ‘Yellowstone’ on Sunday nights as a stop-gap measure due to the lack of new shows.

Peacock took out two premium advertisement spots during the first CBS run of the show.

 The advertisements highlighted that Peacock has all episodes of ‘Yellowstone’ and encouraged viewers to stream every season now.

 Despite being produced by CBS parent Paramount Global, Peacock has the streaming rights to 'Yellowstone’.

The move is expected to ultimately benefit Paramount as the more popular ‘Yellowstone’ becomes, the more valuable it is when negotiating licensing deals.

The repeats of ‘Yellowstone’ on CBS attracted more than six million viewers in their debut last week.

The advertising arrangement shows how much the advent of streaming has changed relationships between rivals like NBC and CBS.