Stranger Things 5: Plot Details & Reveals Confirmed

Written By

Dara Singh

Stranger Things 5 is set to be the final season for our beloved Hawkins heroes.

The season will continue from the devastating ending of season 4.

The season will have a strong focus on Will Byers. His connection to the Upside Down and his personal journey will play a significant part of the season.

At the end of Stranger Things 4, we find out that Vecna’s masterplan is in motion. Vecna will return as the villain.

The Upside Down is now spreading throughout Hawkins.

The Duffer brothers confirmed that they will begin writing season 5 in August 2022.

Season 5 will echo season 1, bringing the story full circle.

 The final season will delve into various lingering mysteries, including the government program at Hawkins Lab.

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