Kevin Costner's Hefty Yellowstone Salary Revealed"

Written By

Dara Singh

Kevin Costner is reportedly making $1 million per episode for Yellowstone Season 5. 

This puts him in an exclusive club of TV's highest paid stars like the cast of Friends. 

Even with economic concerns, streamers are paying top dollar for big name stars.

Costner has been the main star of Taylor Sheridan's neo-western since season 1. 

He is expected to exit the show at some point in the 2-part season 5.

 But he'll still make big money for however many episodes he's in.

Talent agencies say the $1 million mark is still the magic number for top TV salaries. 

Inflation has skyrocketed since Friends, but $1 million still goes far.

The Paramount Network show has been a huge hit thanks in part to Costner's star power.

Though he's leaving, his hefty paycheck shows the value of an A-list name.