Is Rip leaving Yellowstone?

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Cole Hauser's vague comments - Actor Cole Hauser has hinted Rip might leave in interviews.

Rip and Beth's rocky relationship - Marital tensions could drive Rip off the ranch.

Limited role in season 5 - Rip has been less prominent in some season 5 episodes.

Flashback storyline - Scenes showing a younger Rip provide backstory if he exits.

Rip's wish for freedom - He has expressed a desire to roam beyond the ranch one day.

Conflict with John Dutton - Rip chafing under John's control could lead to a split.

Possible spinoff potential - Some fans think Rip may leave for his own spinoff series.

Cliffhanger teasers - Season 5 ends with Rip's fate unclear, hinting at a departure.

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