Costner Rides Off into the Horizon after Yellowstone

Written By

Dara Singh

Kevin Costner stars in new western film Horizon after exiting hit show Yellowstone.

Horizon is an epic historical drama set in the American West in the late 1800s.

Costner plays a Civil War veteran traveling across the frontier with his teenage nephew.

The movie explores themes of mortality and morality against the backdrop of beautiful but harsh landscapes.

Horizon provides Costner a chance to revisit the western genre where he has thrived with films like Dances with Wolves.

Fans of Yellowstone may enjoy Costner's rugged outdoor adventures in Horizon although it's a more somber tone.

Horizon offers sweeping vistas, action-packed horse chases, and dramatic gunfights for classic western entertainment.

Costner again brings his trademark taciturn charisma and gravitas to a complex lead role.