Ranch-Ready: DIY ‘Yellowstone’ Costumes for Halloween

Signature Character Style

Pick your favorite Yellowstone character like Beth, Rip, or John Dutton to emulate. Study their signature hair, makeup, and wardrobe like Rip’s cowboy hat and jacket or Beth’s professional dress and blunt bob. Shop your closet or thrift stores to capture their essence. Add key props like John’s cattleman hat or Beth’s stack of documents.

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Couples Costume

For an easy couples or group costume, dress as popular Yellowstone pairs like Beth and Rip or Kayce and Monica. Coordinate complementary Western workwear in jeans, boots, button-downs, and jackets. Throw in fun role-play props like cowboy hats or toy guns.

Family Affair

Involve the whole family as generations of the Dutton clan. Mom and dad can be John and Evelyn while kids portray young versions of Jamie, Beth, and Kayce. Capture the Western ranch style with flannels, vests, cowboy boots and hats.

Rustic Ranch Style

Even solo costumes can embody the Montana ranch look. Plaid shirts, leather jackets, roper boots, cowboy hats, and belt buckles will turn you into a rugged Yellowstone character. Temporary spray-in hair color in blonde or red hues adds bonus points.

Signature Props

Tie your outfit together with signature prop accessories. Beth’s clipboard, Rip’s belt buckle, and Jamie’s cowboy hat are easy to DIY or find online. Get creative with homemade props like rope, bandanas, saddles, and other ranch gear.

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