If Yellowstone Ends This Year

If Yellowstone Ends This Year: A Streaming Strategy Analysis

Paramount Plus and Yellowstone: A Missed Opportunity?

Despite being a product of the Paramount Network, the popular series “Yellowstone” has never streamed on Paramount Plus. This might seem surprising given the network ties, but it’s a result of a strategic decision made before the launch of Paramount Plus.

Exclusive Streaming on Peacock

Instead of appearing on Paramount Plus, “Yellowstone” streams exclusively on NBC’s Peacock platform. This exclusivity is due to a lucrative licensing deal that was established prior to the launch of Paramount Plus.

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A Strategic Decision

The decision to keep “Yellowstone” on Peacock allows Paramount Plus to focus its resources on expanding the Yellowstone universe with spin-offs and related content. This strategy has been validated by the record ratings success of “Yellowstone”, demonstrating that a unique streaming approach can yield positive results.

The Future of Yellowstone on Streaming Platforms

If “Yellowstone” ends after its fifth season, it will have completed its entire run without ever streaming on Paramount Plus. However, it’s likely that the network will retain the rights to “Yellowstone” for eventual streaming after the final season airs.

Revenue Maximization and Value Realization

The deal with Peacock has certainly maximized revenue for “Yellowstone”, but it has also prevented Paramount Plus from benefiting from the full value of the series. As the show concludes, it will be interesting to see how this dynamic evolves and whether Paramount Plus will eventually be able to capitalize on the popularity of “Yellowstone”.

13 thoughts on “If Yellowstone Ends This Year”

  1. If they put Yellowstone, or any of the other Taylor Sheridan’s Western sagas on streaming, I will never watch another Taylor Sheridan anything. I already pay a fortune for cable. Not one more cent. I may as well, cancel everything and call it good. I am tired of the greed. Television is for entertainment, not a necessity.

  2. Why is it that these people actually write a great story and then because of too many Irons in the fire, they don’t even consider the fan base. I think that this show needs more of the story and not just everyone dying off or going on their separate ways. Sorry, but Taylor and Kevin you have been selfish! What about the rest of the story or what about the fans that made these shows what they are!

  3. I thought Kevin Costner was a stand up loyal guy….now He is just another arrogant actor thats as greedy as the next and doesnt give a crap for the fans that made him famous and basically crapped all over us for selfish reasons…..how much money is enough for these spoiled actors???

  4. Yellowstone they took a wonderful show, and or series and ruined it by what they did. Leave it on Paramount then you see what the true show for what it is. Take the reruns and put on NBC, ABC, CBS let them cut out what they do not want the people to see. Paramount shows everything the true story. Where these annoying back wood stations cut everything out basically the best parts. Basically CBS, NBC,CBS show what they want the people to see.

  5. The producers of Yellowstone have given Mr. Costner the big head. They have canceled this amazing story line, just because he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Yellowstone would be even better without him. They should send him to the Train Station and continue the story line. The rest of the cast make the show, NOT Mr. Costner.
    The producers and Mr. Sheridan are making a grave mistake.
    The Yellowstone fan base are moving on from all of the Sheridan shows.

  6. Think it’s unfair how they get u hooked on a very powerful and popular TV shows then they just stop making them.after a few seasons and leave u hanging or lot of them will get u hooked then it takes them a year or to years to finish the next season when it should only take few months I think anymore there over paid actors and they got money so they don’t care about the fan base long as there making money yet anyone can act because more important these actors like Kevin costner don’t donate more to help build homes for people in us or get poor people just a used car because they rather pay 1000000 in child support when they can make money work and then halt the seasons because they rather do what more important to them then there fans

  7. What a big let-down the Yellowstone main series became. We invested in YOU and you didn’t invest back. Not even to work up a finish. Taylor Sheridan should (like others are saying) send Kevin Costner’s character to the train station and carry-on without the greedy bum. I’ve met Kevin in person and still I say that. What a self-serving way to carry out a career the fans were there with you for. I hope your “replacement project” bombs!


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